Charles Band (Full Moon Features) Primevals Interview

By Perfect Turd | Jul 29, 2023

We interview Charles Band of Full Moon Features about the longawaited release of Primevals. The film went uncompleted for decades due to the passing of creator and stopmotion extraordinaire, David Allen, but now has been completed for the world to see.

Primevals Trailer

THE PRIMEVALS SYNOPSIS: Deep in the Himalayas, a group of Sherpas subdue and kill a towering humanoid creature. Its remains — including a brain that appears to have undergone some kind of surgery — wind up under the supervision of Dr. Claire Collier (Juliet Mills), who believes it to be one of the legendary Yeti. Joined by her former student Matt Connor (Richard Joseph Paul), a longtime believer in the creatures’ existence, big-game hunter Rondo Montana (Leon Russom), and others, Dr. Collier leads an expedition into the mountains to track down more of the abominable snowmen. Their trek results in an encounter with a tribe of primitive hominids — which in turn leads to the far more frightening discovery of beings they never could have expected or imagined.

DIRECTOR: David Allen

WRITER: Randall William Cook

CAST: Juliet Mills, Leon Russom, Robert Cornthwaite

STUDIO: Full Moon Features

ull Moon Features’ world premiere of THE PRIMEVALS at Fantasia Film Festival represents the culmination of a longtime dream harbored by visual effects wizard David Allen, whose career stretched from 1970’s EQUINOX through Oscarnominated work on YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES and beyond. Allen first conceived THE PRIMEVALS as a vehicle for his stop-motion talents in the 1970s. He finally began directing the movie, which he scripted with fellow effects artist Randy Cook (THE GATE), in the 1990s under producer Charles Band, CEO and Founder of Full Moon Features, for whom he’d brought all manner of beasties to life in LASERBLAST, PUPPET MASTER and many others. Sadly, the film’s completion was scuttled by Allen’s death from cancer in 1999 at just 54 years old. Now, at last, Band and longtime Allen associate Chris Endicott (Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man: Homecoming) have seen the film to completion, and it emerges as a glorious tribute to the classic films of Ray Harryhausen, with a true sense of adventure and eye-popping, remarkably fluid dimensional animation. No monster or specialeffects fan will want to miss it!

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